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Our business is changing and I need a new IT Strategy


“We are starting an ERP Program and need approval”


“We need to take advantage of Cloud technology”

Any major transformation starts with a strategy

A strategic transformation needs strong leadership, a clear vision and goals and priorities that are deeply integrated into the organization.

And by the way: It also needs executive approval and funding.

However, time does not stand still: The pressure to execute and transform is often high, and besides the strategy that works today may need to change tomorrow.

So how do we swiftly create a strategy which provides the vision and leadership needed to transform, and at the same time is flexible enough to adapt to changes?

We use small cross-functional teams to rapidly deliver responsive and actionable strategies with a strong and substantial vision, clear goals and priorities, top leadership, and a plan to start execution.

Responsive and Actionable Strategy

We create strategies geared for practical implementation.

We work rapidly in small efficient and creative cross-functional team that includes all aspects and thinks out of the box.

Deliver in few weeks.

Includes the transformation vision, architecture, organization, governance strategies, overall timeline, defines the strategic goals, business case, and a plan to get started on the implementation.

Vision can include innovation of new products, services, processes.

Always starts with a deep understanding of how business is done in your industry or public sector and the digital trends that are important.

Governance includes getting ready for implementation by clarifying how a transformation program will be managed and organized. But also how to keep the strategy current and in line with constant developments in the organizations’ environment.


Strategy is necessary for any transformation. Doing strategy right provides great benefits.


Provide a clear destination and align everyone in the same direction.


Concentrate resources (people, time, money) on those things that provide the most benefit.


Clarify the organization’s or team’s potential in light of its strengths and weaknesses.


Use the necessary change as an opportunity to transform operation and performance.


We design and deliver transformation across industry sectors worldwide

  • E-Government

    Prepare ministries for
    E-Government case

    National E-Government Program

    Water Utility

    Having developed a technical infrastructure that could connect and integrate data between government institutions, this E-Government program in a Gulf nation was looking to start converting government services to citizens across the nation to digital, electronic services.

    Recognizing the strategic nature of transforming ministries to E-Government, an Enterprise Architecture approach was customized and applied to a range of ministries, starting from an understanding of each agency's business and political goals and priorities for entering into e-governmnet, to developing target architectures, e-government roadmaps, and kick-starting procurement and contrancting for implementation.

    The program proceeded, and today several ministries are providing digital government services to their citizens.

  • Maritime

    ERP Roadmap
    for the Future
    Marine Services

    Global Maritime Services (Towage, Salvage) Leader

    Water Utility

    This 175 year old maritime towage and salvage provider had developed in 10 years from a regional operator to a truly global company with a fleet of 500 vessels operating from 35 locations across the world.

    In a joint approach to address both business process and enterprise IT architecture issues, a global process analysis and evaluation of the IT landscape was carried out, identifying processes to harmonize as well as burning IT platforms and challenges to address.

    A business case justifying harmonization was created, potential future ERP suites and architectures were evaluated, and a roadmap for transforming company rpocesses were delivered.

    This enabled the company to invest in an ERP transformation program, and to harmonize and solidify processes and IT primarily in Finance & Accounting.

  • Utilities

    Digital Transformation
    Vision, Blueprint
    Business Case,
    Water Utility

    Utility Sector / Middle East: National Water Utility

    Water Utility

    This National Water Utility in the Middle East was undergoing a transformation from a public to a privatized organization and were modernizing their IT in the process.

    All departments throughout the nation, their business processes and IT systems were examined, and the project delivered a roadmap to consolidate the IT systems landscape, implement a service oriented architecture, and to simplify and improve effectiveness of business processes.

    The organization's IT was transformed over the following years, and several business processes and services including supply chain were overhauled, and the CIO was nominated for CIO of the year in the Middle East by a regional magazine.

  • Government

    Information Society Committee

    Government Agency / Organization Design

    E-Government Program

    A government in the MENA region (Middle East / North Africa) was looking to establish a national Information Society agency to advance the Information Technology literacy and facilitate development of a Knowledge Economy. As part of its overall strategy the agency wanted to establish an organization based on best practice world wide and covering all necessary functions to fullfil its mission of developing the nation into the Information Society.

    Analyzing leading Information Society agencies across the world a set of fundamental design principles and global best practices were defined, along with the necessary activities needed in such an organization. Activities including best practices were organized into a set of units that were each assigned a mandate, key activities, the unit's roles and their responsibilities, as well as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure achievements.

    The organization design enabled the Agency to establish itself with members from 16 ministries, public agencies and private organizations, and to start advancing the nation as an information society.

  • Insurance

    Enterprise Architecture
    & IT Transformation
    Information Society Committee

    New Life & Pensions Insurance Firm

    Life & Pensions

    This local Life & Pensions company was changing from a traditional pensions firm into a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider serving the administration of many Life & Pensions organizations. The company needed to transform from being an internal cost center to become a profitable business.

    An IT vision to help the organization make its strategy real was agreed with executive management, and the new BPO's organization was modeled with business managers and experts across the company. Then, partnering with the IT organization as well as external key suppliers including applications and infrastructure vendors, business intelligence consultants and management advisors, the project delivered a target architecture and roadmap that would create 'The best IT system in the Industry', attracting clients and improving the efficiency of work to become a commercially viable organization in three years.

    The organization embarked on a transformation program that would become the most prominent and feature program in the years to come, while the company grew to serve 150% more insurance clients with only 30% more employees despite a turbulent financial market.

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